Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Latest testimonials from Friends of Hassan Diab

Allister R. Colins, a former student of Dr. Hassan Diab at Brandon University, writes:

"As a professor, Hassan was professional, funny and irreverent. He showed no favoritism, even though we were friends outside of class. He did not disparage students who felt differently from him. Open discourse (but not arguing) was encouraged.

It is impossible for Hassan to have done what he is accused of doing. In a fight with a 12-year old girl he would lose! Not because he is weak, but because he does not want to hurt anyone. He wanted and wants nothing more than to spread knowledge."

No matter the findings of the court, his life is ruined forever."

Donald J. Pratt, a graduate student with Hassan at Syracuse University, writes:

"Allister’s comments resonate deeply with my own experience of Hassan.

Hassan is a fun-loving, unpretentious person. He is often “the life of the party,” a gregarious and generous person with a sunny outlook on life.

Hassan withstands life’s vicissitudes and travails with maturity, resilience, and a remarkable equilibrium of mind and spirit. I have never seen him show the slightest inclination to resort to violence of any kind. I challenge anyone to find a single violent bone in this gentle, mild-mannered person.

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