Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Canada's Extradition Process a Kafkaesque Nightmare

Imagine going to sleep and having a dream. In the soft, surreal landscapes of this dream you are a normal person living a normal life. You begin to be followed by shadowy figures, so you call the police - but it continues.

After a year of this recurring theme, the dream takes a turn; the authorities come and take you away. You've 'disappeared' into a labyrinth of byzantine officialdom, where human rights and reality and rationality are not always what they seem; where you've been charged with a hideous crime 30 years in the past; where the evidence is either secret, or ludicrous enough to be laughable - if it were only a dream.

This is not Syria or North Korea, or any other number of corrupt and paranoid police states to be found aplenty. And it's not the dust jacket blurb from a newly discovered Franz Kafka novel. It's a reality, today, in Canada...

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